About Me

Hi! I am Ziyi Zhang, a senior undergrad majoring in Computer Sciences and Mathematics at University of Wisconsin -Madison. It is my pleasure to be advised by Prof. Shivaram Venkataraman on system research and by Prof. Dieter van Melkebeek on competitive programming.

I took a gap year before my senior year and worked as a research intern at Bytedance Inc., where I was advised by Yibo Zhu and Bairen Yi.

My research interests lie in distributed systems and machine learning systems. The projects I worked on include low-level DNN operator accelerations, high-level ML system pipeline optimizations, and video processing system development. I am particularly interested in designing high-performance ML/Big Data Systems. I am actively looking for PhD positions that start in Fall 2022.

Refer to my CV for things that I have done.


[2022/04] I am going to UChicago for my PhD this fall!
[2021/10] I, with my teammates, went to ICPC World Finals at Moscow and won the 17th place!
[2020/09] I am joining ByteDance as a research intern on machine learning system!


[1] [Conference Paper] Bagpipe – Efficient distributed training of deep learning based recommendation models. Saurabh Agarwal, Ziyi Zhang, Shivaram Venkataraman. 2021. In Submission (soon on Arxiv)

Research Projects

I did various research projects both in my university and at ByteDance, including:
• Building video processing library to perform video DNN tasks.
• Optimizing DNN operators in model parallelism.
• Optimizing the performance of recommendation system models.

More details here.

Competitive Programming

A (crazy) lot of time in my undergrad was devoted to competitive programming, and I am
• Champion (out of 180 teams) in 2019 ICPC NCNA Regional (scoreboard: link).
• 17th place (out of 118 teams) in 2020 ICPC World Finals (results: link).
• a coach and a participant in UW-Madison ICPC Team.
• International Grandmaster (highest rank 169 globally) on Codeforces (handle: RobeZH).

More details here.

Teaching/Mentoring Experience

I love teaching and mentoring students. My related activities includes:
• Undergrad Teaching Assistant for “Introduction to Algorithms”.
• Discussion leader in weekly meetings for UW-Madison ICPC Team.
• 1-on-1 mentorship at CUSA (Chinese Undergraduate Student Association).

More details here.