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Teaching & Mentorship

Programming Contest Team, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Coach, Discussion Leader, Sep 2018 – Present
• Led discussions on problem sets and topics including graph theory and data structure
• Discussed with different teams about contest strategies
• Set up 3 contests with other coaches and wrote test generators and checkers for the problems
• Attended ICPC World Finals 2019 as a coach

Computer Sciences Dept., University of Wisconsin – Madison Madison, WI, United States
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Course ”Introduction to Algorithms”, Jan 2019 – May 2019
• Designed and led group discussions on topics including greedy and dynamic programming
• Held individual help sessions for students to answer their questions on course material and algorithm design

Mentorship Program at CUSA (Chinese Undergraduate Student Association)
Mentor, Sep 2020 – Present
• Held one-to-one sessions to share academic information/experience
• Helped students explore academic opportunities inside and outside school