Competitive Programming

I started doing competitive programming in my undergrad, and I am glad to be a particpant and a coach in the UW-Madison ICPC Team, where I am advised by Prof. Dieter van Melkebeek.

As a participant, I got:
– Champion in 2019 ICPC North Central North America Regional with Viet and Jirayu.
– 17th place in 2020 ICPC World Finals at Moscow, Russia, with Jirayu and Nitit.

As a coach, I:
– led weekly discussion on problems and topics
– organized trainings for the teams.
– attended 2019 ICPC World Finals at Porto, Portugal.

I, also known as RobeZH, is an International Grandmaster on Codeforces with a highest rating of 2707 and a highest global rank of 169.

My account on different sites

Codeforces, Atcoder, Codechef, Topcoder